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Awareness: Because its easier to ignore the frustrating politics of today, many significant issues go unnoticed by those who would rather focus on their day to day life. The problem is that one day the results of events you’ve ignored will begin to affect the day to day life you’ve tried to control.

Communication:  Many of the current problems with our nation are caused by a lack of dialogue. Only through dialogue can multiple views be heard, considered, and set aside, allowing us to develop the most reasonable of solutions.

Education:  Read, research, and think for yourself. Lets educate ourselves about the country in which we live, and make it stronger, to make sure the next generation doesn’t grow up in a world which we helped diminish.

Exploration:  Refining the philosophy of this movement will take time, so lets seek out diverse information to guide it in the most productive common sense direction.


Why go through all this trouble some may ask. Well, I was having a conversation with a friend about the problems with the politics of today, and as usual the conversation ended with, “oh well, what are we supposed to do?”. We felt powerless to do anything more than complain and moved on. I got tired of simply complaining about the problems with our government and decided that the least I could do was set up a site where I could empty those thoughts out onto a clean canvas, provide references, try to shed some light on today’s problems then urge others to become informed and think for themselves. That is how the Unaffiliated Party was born.

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  1. Steve Cappelson #

    As an unaffiliated voter I am grateful not to feel obligated to follow a particular ideology. So when racism and racist behavior is demonstrated by a candidate for public office they have lost my vote for good. There is no way to rationalize it. There is no end that can justify racism.


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