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(AUDIO) Al Sharpton’s Race Baiting EXPOSED

Thank you once again NoAgenda for exposing the shameless racial instigators the mainstream media feels no need to hold accountable since their manipulative propaganda fits the mainstream’s agenda.

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(AUDIO) How BIG GVMNT Collapsed the Housing Market

I’ve often struggle to explain how BIG GVMNT’s interference with the Free Market collapsed the housing market to many of my GVMNT TRUSTING friends. When I discovered the following interview and saw it explained IN DETAIL and in 4 MINUTES I knew I had to share it! Take a listen, then another and another if needed, AND SHARE SHARE SHARE….

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(AUDIO) Liberals Don’t think MLK Jr Wanted COLOR BLIND Society

The following is a clip of news show host Don Lemon and Van Jones on CNN taking issue with people who think Martin Luther King, Jr. wanted a color blind society despite Martin Luther King, Jr.’s hope that people would someday be judged by “the content of their character” rather than “the color of their skin”. I find the following pretty unbelievable, these guys dont realize that MLK referred to “color blind” in relation to how we treat each other, personally, and under the law. Once again, thanks to the NoAgenda guys for this incredible audio.

What stands out to me the most after hearing the audio above is … “Dr King wanted people to recognize people for their qualities, for their fuller lips their bigger nose, their darker skins whatever it is that you bring into the society culturally but in spite of that or because of that to judge people on their content of character, who wants to live in a color blind society?” – CNN’s Don Lemon

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AUDIO: Media’s Race Baiting FAILS Live on TV

I have to thank the guys over at NoAgenda Show for finding this incredible audio. This audio clip proves what I’ve often said, that our shameful “news” media is intent on instigating racial animosity for ulterior motives.

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Victicrat Music Video (Damn it Feels Good to be a Victim)

Peter Schiff Schools Michael Moore on Capitalism (AUDIO)