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Welcome to the official Unaffiliated Party website. Those of you who follow the politics of today may have begun to suffer mild side effects, such as headaches, nausea, upset stomachs and even anger at the actions of our government as well as with the media that reports it. Those of you who would rather stay out of it to avoid those side effects, that’s been pretty smart on your part, until now.

This site was established to create a welcoming community for those who are dissatisfied with the inability of the current parties to come together and put their politics aside for the best of our country. The two major parties need to know that our vote is not in their pocket. Together unaffiliated voters make up 30 to 40 percent of this nation, until now they had no choice to but to drift independently from election to election. We believe that unaffiliated voters can be stronger united than they are apart. Its time to bring a productive positive voice to our nation and discover common sense solutions through healthy discussion and critical thinking.

The Unaffiliated Party is not against government, an effective government is beneficial to everybody. A legal and judicial system are examples of that, as well as pro business and consumer protection policies. We are for an efficient, accountable, and responsible government that focuses primarily on getting its vital services right before even thinking of expanding its reach. We are for a government that thinks about costs, and doesn’t think it can be fiscally wasteful and simply raise taxes to dig itself out of the debt created by its irresponsible spending. The government should serve the people and not itself.

To those who previously preferred to stay out of the conversation we welcome you to the family, because unlike what you might have heard in the past, ignorance can only be bliss for so long.

Think For Yourself !

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  1. I The party are beginning to blend don’t know who t trust ..they are becoming corrupted.

  2. Dana #

    Not only that – historically, republican and democratic parties trade places ideologically. They’ve done the full flip-flop more than once. Sometime between the 1860s and 1936, the (Democratic) party of small government became the party of big government, and the (Republican) party of big government became rhetorically committed to curbing federal power. Then, concerning war, compare the Eisenhower administration vs J.F.Kennedy administration as you look at the Reagan and Bush administrations. The two parties tend to go off the deep end every so often, then they flip-flop. They might be about to do it again. I just hope for better candidates to come along.

  3. Terri #

    How do we vote in primaries? Can we vote in Primaries? I’m filling out a new voters registration card and I don’t want to pick Republican anymore. I feel if enough of us leave the party they’ll wake up! (and stand up)

    • I think primaries are just for party members. But leaving the party is still a good move to show discontent with the establishment parties, at least we get to vote with our feet that way.

    • Zach #

      Depends on your state. Most states have closed or caucus voting for primaries which means you have to be an affiliated and registered member of the party of the person you are voting for. However, there are like 10-12 states that have open primaries and you don’t have to declare a political party affiliation.

      • Melissa Kiker #

        I hope I’m not too late for your state. Today is our primaries in NC and it will be my first time to vote in one so I’ve only recently researched it. I’m not sure if the guidelines vary from state to state, but in NC you can vote regardless of your party affiliation, however you can only vote for the party you are affiliated with UNLESS you are unaffiliated/independent, in which case you are free to vote to your heart’s content. Hope this helps someone! :)

    • Brandy #

      I just voted today in North Carolina’s primary and when they look me up in the computer is says that I am unaffiliated, so then they ask if I would like a Democrat or Republican ballot.

  4. Lyn Utermark #

    I am looking for the % number of unaffiliated voters in the USA… I know we are a powerful amount of movement, It’s we the People against the establishment: The Liberals: the Zions: The Illuminati: The fake Jews: The shadow government… We are the silent majority… We are the ones who will make a difference with the truth. Our Future. ..


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