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Proof of Media Corruption

WOW, mainstream media propaganda is INSANE, Trump retweets an IMAGE he liked and corrupt media reports this as if he ENDORSED the original tweeter!!!? ABSOLUTELY CORRUPT, most people DO NOT research the original account owners when liking/sharing posts on facebook or twitter. Does the media do this to liberal politicians or celebrities? DISGUSTING behavior from our corrupt media. – Unaffiliated Party

original media post below

Trump retweets support from neo-Nazi ‘White Genocide’ account

By Hunter Walker

Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump quoted and linked to an openly neo-Nazi Twitter account on Friday.

Trump’s tweet can be seen above.

Trump quoted and shared a posting from the account @WhiteGenocideTM that mocked his opponent former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush. The message featured a Photoshopped image of Bush standing in front of Trump’s Manhattan headquarters, Trump Tower, with a cardboard sign saying, “Vote Trump.”

The account, which Trump featured on his personal Twitter page, is littered with neo-Nazi content. In the user’s profile, there is a link to a website for an admiring documentary describing Adolf Hitler as “a god.” The tweet pinned at the top of the @WhiteGenocideTM account includes images of people identified as Jews covered with the common white supremacist slur “mud” and yellow Stars of David used during the Holocaust…

Trump’s campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment about the tweet. The user behind @WhiteGenocideTM also didn’t respond to Twitter messages from Yahoo.

As of this writing, Trump’s tweet quoting the neo-Nazi account had been live for more than six hours.

Read the Rest @ Trump retweets support from neo-Nazi ‘White Genocide’ account


As far as some evidence regarding celebrations… Trump vindicated? WaPo factchecker outed for spin

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  1. All spin aside, a Presidential candidate ought not to be passing along the propaganda of white supremacists. Trump does this. It is not media corruption to call him out on it.

    • The image he passed along was not propaganda and included no association with any racism. Are we really going to inspect the source of every tweeted/retweeted/liked/shared image on twitter and Facebook so we can run hit pieces on people? Can you send me one news article where the media implies a democrat sharing an image means that they endorse the source it came from?

      • Whether or not the image itself includes references to racism is hardly the point. The man’s username alone is ample indication of the user’s racist intent. retweeting it gives the man extra coverage. So, yes, Trump DID aid racist propaganda. Also this is not the first time he’s done it. Recall the made up statistics on black on black crime? But fear not, he has folks like you to come along and spin his blatant support for racist messages into something innocent.

      • Surprise surprise, No evidence of the media doing the same to a liberal…

      • Surprise surprise, your defense of Trump falls completely apart and you declare victory on the basis of a tu quoque. Your own support of racism is duly noted.

  2. Daniel, your amazing accusation of me supporting racism for what I have posted… thats all readers have to see to realize how ridiculous mainstream media throwing the word racist around truly is. Thank you ;)


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