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THOMAS SOWELL: Wealth, Poverty, and Politics


To be fair, none of the Democratic presidential candidates have done any of those things either

That’s the sentence hidden inside a mainstream media article published to, as usual, bash Republicans, its DEFINITELY NOT the headline…. Do we see any stories of Democrats critiquing the the Democrat party on the Yahoo homepage today? Perhaps on them KILLING the latest bill to Audit the Fed? Of course not….

Faint GOP interest in Flint’s pain is a mistake, party members say

by Jon Ward

“This is an amoral display of political apathy by Republican leaders. Their failure to run to the crisis, roll up their sleeves and pitch in tells the world that we are still the same old Republicans who only care about those who would vote for or contribute to them,” said Alex Castellanos, a political operative who is not working for any of the Republican presidential contenders.

Castellanos said he agreed with an op-ed in the New York Times Thursday written by former White House speechwriter Matt Latimer, who worked for President George W. Bush.

Latimer, a Flint native, wrote that the water crisis was “the Republicans’ chance to show their worth,” and to demonstrate that party leaders who have tried to refocus the GOP on poverty, like House Speaker Paul Ryan of Wisconsin, mean what they say.

Why aren’t Republican presidential candidates, he asked, “shipping in water bottles and holding fund-raisers for kids now condemned to lowered expectations because their brains were poisoned by lead?”

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