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Brendan O’Neill EXPOSES Progressives DESTROYING Freedom of Speech and Right to Offend


(AUDIO) Douglas Murray W/ Sam Harris DEMOLISHES Liberal Political Correctness

Douglas Murray discusses with Sam Harris on his podcast issues relating to political correctness including the controversy on American campuses over the Halloween costumes. For the full discussion go here […]

Democrat EXPOSES Obama & Hillary’s ‘ILLEGAL SYRIA WAR’

A big reason I left the Democrat Party is because I actually started following the news on a DAILY basis, I became a news junky, and noticed that much of the Democrat Party was a propaganda illusion propped up by the mainstream media. No liberals would publicly oppose or expose Obama due to their loyalty to the party, which is why I welcome the surprise when I actually see a Democrat on national television finally say the same things about Obama/Hillary’s middle east meddling I’ve been saying since I snapped out of my trance. Read more