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WOW Mainstream Media Bias sinks TO LOWEST LOW in attacking Ben Carson

ABSOLUTELY SHAMELESS mainstream MEDIA BIAS HIT PIECE, vilifies Carson for most of the article THEN remind readers Carson’s father ABANDONED him and his mother. This Democrat HALF sister is DELUSIONAL and the media is absolute GARBAGE.

by Inside Edition, posted on home page

Dr Ben Carson’s step-sister tells INSIDE EDITION she hasn’t met him – and won’t be voting for him. “He never reached out to me,” Fairell Tubbs said… Ben Carson, who was already a famous neurosurgeon, did not attend his father’s funeral in 1992, according to the step-sister. Fairell Tubbs says she looked after the elder Carson until the day he died.

Ben Carson was eight years old when his father left home. Robert Carson eventually remarried and lived at a home in Detroit.

Strangely, Fairell and Ben have never met. She says her mom, Mary, even invited Ben to their wedding but he didn’t come. “He was an important man at the time,” she said. “He didn’t have time for that.”

Read the rest of this trash @ Ben Carson’s Step-Sister Reveals: I’m Not Voting For Him

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