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It Takes Liberal Bill Maher to Expose Flawed PROGRESSIVISM behind Bernie Sanders Because News Media Won’t

On paying for universal health care…

MAHER: The tax revenue that we would get just from taxing the people who I think your fans think you’re talking about, the people who own a yacht, does not come close to covering what you want to pay for.
SANDERS: Not true. Not true. What I’m saying is there have been articles out there that have been really unfair and wrong. For example, what they are suggesting is that if we move to a Medicare-for-all single-payer program, which guarantees healthcare to all people, it would cost a lot of money. That’s true. But what they forget to tell you is it would be much more cost-effective than this dysfunctional system we have right now, which is the most expensive per capita on earth.
MAHER: But it couldn’t even work in your home state of Vermont! They were going to institute it, and the governor said it’s going to cost too much money. We just can’t do it. It would be the entire budget. That’s true.
SANDERS: No… Well, it’s not… I’m not the governor from the state of Vermont, I’m the senator from the state of Vermont…

Sanders asks Maher to explain why he feels his universal healthcare plan wouldn’t work….

MAHER: Because they control both ends of it,” said Maher. “If you’re saying that the government is going to pick up the tab but not make the insurance companies, the hospitals, and the doctors not gouge people, then we are going to break the budget. It has to work both ways. So you’re going to make the hospitals do that? Because that is socialism.”
MAHER: So you’re saying we can pay for all this without raising taxes on anybody but the 1 percent?
SANDERS: “We may have to go down a little bit lower than that—but not much lower.

Read the Rest @ Bill Maher Stuns Bernie Sanders: How Will America Pay For Your Radical Agenda?

Finally, keep this in mind, when the federal income tax was first introduced ONLY THE TOP 1% was forced to pay it, thanks to PROGRESSIVES, today, pretty much most working adults are forced to pay income taxes. – Unaffiliated Party

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