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DESPITE facts within own story Mainstream Media Bias chooses Progressive Propaganda Headline to continue class warfare

I found it extremely manipulative for the Associated Press to use the following headline GOP tax proposals tilt to rich despite populist rhetoric despite it not being able to ignore facts it included inside its own story like.. “experts note that any broad income tax cut inevitably will benefit the rich more than anyone else, because they pay much more in federal income taxes than the middle class or poor. About 40 percent of the country does not pay federal income tax. The top 1 percent of earners pays about 35 percent of the income tax.” AND something not included, the TOP 10% pays about 70% of the taxes!!!

Article Excerpt Below by By Nicholas Riccardi, Associated Press

DENVER (AP) — Jeb Bush went to Detroit and talked about leveling the playing field. Marco Rubio wrote a book about helping the working class. Rand Paul is promising to expand the Republican Party beyond its traditional base. Yet all three Republican presidential candidates have offered tax proposals that would, for reasons such as nomination politics and tax rate realities, benefit overwhelmingly the wealthiest. In doing so, they have drawn criticism from Democrats who call it proof that the GOP’s eventual nominee will mainly try to help the rich.

Read the Rest @ GOP tax proposals tilt to rich despite populist rhetoric

This appears to be a clear HIT PIECE by the mainstream media that includes contradictory facts to its claims YET COVERS ITS EYES so it can literally dedicate its opening lines to bashing the GOP using DEMOCRAT TALKING POINTS.

-Unaffiliated Party

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