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UPDATE 8/22/15: Read the rest of this post to see how using my advice to the FBI there ALREADY APPEARS TO BE PROOF HILLARY CLINTON DELETED FEDERAL RECORDS!!!! I have spent about a week on this post, at zero cost to the American taxpayer, so I’m sure the FBI can take it from here with very little trouble.

(By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT | New York Times) The State Department said on Thursday that 15 emails sent or received by Hillary Rodham Clinton were missing from records that she has turned over, raising new questions about whether she deleted work-related emails from the private account she used exclusively while in office… Read the Rest @ State Dept. Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over

ORIGINAL POST by Unaffiliated Party 8/18/2015

The crime is in the cover up, if there was no crime, there would be no need to cover anything up. In the following BRIEF post I will explain how to settle a significant scandal that’s been in the news for a while, and if not investigated properly, will never be settled.

PROBLEM: Hillary Clinton is being accused of various things, which her critics feel can be proven by reviewing her government related emails. Hillary insists she did nothing wrong, and has turned over all her emails to clear her name. The problem? Hillary Clinton CHOSE TO store all her government emails on a PRIVATE server, and that server also contained her private emails, so after deciding what emails she would turn over she DELETED THOUSANDS OF EMAILS she insists were not work related. So now, her critics may have a harder time proving any wrong doing, and she can claim that she’s innocent since there may be no proof of wrong doing in the emails she decided to turn over after HER TEAM PRIVATELY REVIEWED and cleared them for release.

SOLUTION: This whole thing comes down to TRUST. How do you tell if someone is telling you the truth when they state all government related emails were handed over for review and the rest were deleted and cant be examined? As Watergate’s Bob Woodward might say, “follow the emails”.

All the FBI, which should be investigating, has to do is cross reference the emails Hillary Clinton turned over with those of a handful of her aides. If its discovered that her aides have emails to or from Hillary Clinton that she did not turn over there will be no choice but to convict her of destroying government records. She has repeatedly insisted she ONLY DELETED personal emails, THAT IS THE KEY TO THIS WHOLE THING.

So if government emails LINKED DIRECTLY TO HER (to or from) are missing from what she turned over THAT PROVES Hillary Clinton deleted government emails NOT JUST personal emails as she insists. If no emails are missing after cross referencing with the accounts of other people whom she would’ve had government related contact with then this would show she’s INNOCENT.

It’s not hard at all to use a computer to cross reference the contents of emails among sources for matches or discrepancies, any techie could figure that out, heck i often have to search my email accounts for an old email I need, and the results appear in SECONDS. if there is no cover up, all her emails match up, none were deleted, we have a reliable records of Hillary’s time at the State Department to review for potential wrong doing OR proof of innocence. If emails were deleted, at the very least, the crime is already starting with that cover up. I can go on and on to explain why this simple investigative procedure would do it but I trust my readers to be smart and objective enough to see why it really is THAT SIMPLE. Good luck FBI….

If you agree, feel free to share this post so it finds its way to the proper recipients.

-Mr B. Founder of the Unaffiliated Party 

I purposely described the PROBLEM broadly, so we dont get bogged down with details which will be easily settled if my investigative advice is utilized. Below is a pretty fair overview of the scandal by Jon Stewart, a source that we can pretty much all agree is not part of the vast right wing conspiracy Hillary Clinton states is out to get her.

P.S. A thorough cross referencing of emails is VITAL. Also, if her aides are missing any emails from her or each other, that could also reveal an even bigger scandal, for example… Around the time that Hillary Clinton deleted THOUSANDS of personal emails on a server that she LUMPED INTO 2 GROUPS, personal and “work”, the Clinton Foundation was also being accused of taking money from foreign governments in exchange for favorable treatment by Hillary Clinton’s State Department… Now would she consider Clinton Foundation related emails “government work” or “personal” emails? If she considered Clinton Foundation related emails personal and deleted them, its not hard to see the potential crime in that case. The possibility of wiping these emails from her server could explain how the White House is so confident that nobody will find “any tangible evidence” that Hillary’s State Department did favors for Clinton Foundation Donors.

AUDIO compilation of Hillary Clinton ServerGate statements that were later challenged, courtesy of the NoAgenda Show

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P.S. Ive noticed the mainstream media running cover her Hillary Clinton lately, distracting Americans from the true potential crime, DELETING FEDERAL RECORDS, by spending most of their time discussing whether she sent or received any classified info. Be watchful of this tactic, I believe it is an intentional red herring, meant to distract Americans from the easier to prove, or clear, corruption…. Below is an example…

WASHINGTON (AP) — The transmission of now-classified information across Hillary Rodham Clinton’s private email is consistent with a State Department culture in which diplomats routinely sent secret material on unsecured email during the past two administrations, according to documents reviewed by The Associated Press… Clinton insists she didn’t send or receive classified information. But government officials have found material they deem classified in several dozen of 30,000 emails that the former secretary of state has turned over, an unfolding saga that has dogged her 2016 campaign.

… The AP has asked the State Department to turn over records reflecting any concerns by agency computer staff or security officials over Clinton’s use of a private email server, but has received no responsive documents. There is no indication that any information in Clinton emails was marked classified at the time it was sent. But critics have said Clinton and her aides should have known not to discuss anything remotely secret over unsecured email. The emails show they were cognizant of security, routinely communicating over secure phone and fax lines.
Read the Rest @ State Department officials routinely sent secrets over email

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