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(VIDEO) Nearly 40 minute Trump interview on NBC

I dare Hillary Clinton to sit with a conservative a network 40 nearly minutes like Trump did on liberal NBC…

SKIP TO 14:24 to hear Chuck Todd say NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO GET EM OUT referring to the minerals in Afghanistan which Trump reveals… Sounds odd to me that Chuck Todd would say that.

SKIP TO 21:15 to hear what a hack reporter Chuck Todd is, he has a problem with Trump talking about where he went to school? “Why do you have to say it?”

SKIP TO 23:30 to really hear HOW CLUELESS CHUCK TODD is about how China is ARTIFICIALLY DEVALUING their money.

For those that dont understand what media bias looks like, check out the hostility towards Trump in the CBS interview below, ESPECIALLY SKIP TO 10:30 “Are you gonna mention the ones that do like Trump? You Dont Do That Do You?” – Trump

Donald Trump fights back the clear media bias seen during most of his interviews, regarding the media ‘The People Don’t Trust You’ during CNN Interview

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  1. ‘little hard to watch as I like seeing Trump tackle his questions head on, I have for quite some time wanted to punch Chuck Todd square in the face and this makes it even more of an urge.
    What a tool he is!#$%^

    • Definitely agree, its always irritating to see someone pretending to be objective, and what is up with the AUTOMATIC claim that no one knows how to get minerals out of Afghanistan, which Trump then immediately exposes as a misleading statement by Chuck Todd….


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