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Hillary Clinton Media Bias, Ever Seen MAINSTREAM News Media Work So Hard to Explain a Conservative’s Scandals?

Interesting how confident the news media is about Hillary Clinton’s innocence, is this objective coverage or a talking points memo….?

Excepted Article below by By JUSTIN FISHEL and MIKE LEVINE

What’s on the server and why did she turn it over?
Despite Clinton’s repeated assurances that no one needs to see her private server, her campaign now believes the FBI should see it to prove that there is no longer any sensitive government material on non-government servers. The server has been wiped clean, according to her campaign. Clinton’s lawyers have also turned over a thumb drive that they say contains all the same emails she has already handed to the State Department.

So is she in trouble for the “TOP SECRET” stuff?
No. The information was deemed top secret only after it was forwarded to Clinton, and wasn’t considered as such at the time it went through her server. However, the Intelligence Community believes there are other emails — perhaps “hundreds” — that contained classified information at the time they were sent, which, if proven true, could become more of a problem for the Democratic front runner. She has consistently claimed her private email was never used to handle classified information.

Read the Rest @ Hillary Clinton Emails: Your Questions Answered

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