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Inside the Univision-Clinton network

Article below By Hadas Gold & Marc Caputo | POLITICO

The relationship between the Clintons and Univision is deep — from owner Haim Saban’s unabashed support for Hillary Clinton’s election effort to a partnership between Univision and the Bill, Hillary & Chelsea Clinton Foundation, to the network’s newscasts that have bashed Republicans and, most recently, praised Hillary’s new position on immigration — putting her squarely in line with the network’s stance on the issue.

Source: Inside the Univision-Clinton network
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Bernie Sanders IDEOLOGY too Delusional to see connection between HIGH TEENAGE UNEMPLOYMENT & LIBERAL POLICIES

Skip to 21 minutes in of this Bernie Sanders talk to see just how delusional liberals become when it comes to economics. Here he is at an event for LA RAZA, ignoring the connection between illegal immigration, increasing the cost of entry level jobs and record high youth unemployment for American citizen youths. Liberalism sounds pretty, till you start to actually think about it.

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(VIDEOS) Thomas Sowell – Economic vs Political Decision Making

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(VIDEOS) The Truth About Bernie Sanders & His Big Government

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(VIDEO) The Fall of China. There Will Be No Economic Recovery

By Stefan Molyneux | FREEDOM RADIO

China just lost over $3 trillion of stock value, what this means to you, your house, your money, your future and your chances for true economic and political freedom.

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CLEARLY Huffington Post is proud of making it their mission to tell people what to think, not to be the journalists they pretend to be.

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(VIDEO) Friedrich Hayek: Why Intellectuals Drift Towards Socialism

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(VIDEO) Thomas Sowell: “Intellectuals and Race”

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(VIDEO) Progressives, Creating New Ways to Divide Americans “WHITE FEMINISM”

the video above was brought to you by The Huffington Post…..

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The headline to this post is mine. – Mr B. @ Unaffiliated Party


WASHINGTON (AP) — Republican opposition to President Barack Obama’s nuclear deal is flaring over revelations of a secret side agreement involving Iranian inspections. But House Democrats are shrugging off the report and claiming they have the votes to back up Obama. The Associated Press reported Wednesday on a previously undisclosed side deal between Iran and the U.N.’s International Atomic Energy Agency that would allow Tehran to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused of using to develop nuclear arms.

The revelation, based on a document seen by the AP, newly riled Republican lawmakers who have been severely critical of the broader agreement to limit Iran’s future nuclear programs, signed by the Obama administration, Iran and five world powers in July. The critics have complained that the wider deal is unwisely built on trust of the Iranians, while the administration has insisted it depends on reliable inspections.

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What Does the 14th Amendment Really say about Birthright Citizenship

To clear up all the misinformation in the media these days, I felt the following research would be helpful. The 14th amendment states…

“All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the state wherein they reside.”

Those bold words are the key. Now check this out…..

AND…. Under current immigration law—found at 8 U.S.C. § 1401(a)—a baby born on American soil to a (1) foreign ambassador, (2) head of state, or (3) foreign military prisoner is not an American citizen.

How is that possible? This is from the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1952 (INA), as it has been amended over the years. Is this federal law unconstitutional?

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If you agree, feel free to share this post so it finds its way to the proper recipients.

UPDATE 8/22/15: Read the rest of this post to see how using my advice to the FBI there ALREADY APPEARS TO BE PROOF HILLARY CLINTON DELETED FEDERAL RECORDS!!!! I have spent about a week on this post, at zero cost to the American taxpayer, so I’m sure the FBI can take it from here with very little trouble.

(By MICHAEL S. SCHMIDT | New York Times) The State Department said on Thursday that 15 emails sent or received by Hillary Rodham Clinton were missing from records that she has turned over, raising new questions about whether she deleted work-related emails from the private account she used exclusively while in office… Read the Rest @ State Dept. Gets Libya Emails That Hillary Clinton Didn’t Hand Over

ORIGINAL POST by Unaffiliated Party 8/18/2015

The crime is in the cover up, if there was no crime, there would be no need to cover anything up. In the following BRIEF post I will explain how to settle a significant scandal that’s been in the news for a while, and if not investigated properly, will never be settled.

PROBLEM: Hillary Clinton is being accused of various things, which her critics feel can be proven by reviewing her government related emails. Hillary insists she did nothing wrong, and has turned over all her emails to clear her name. The problem? Hillary Clinton CHOSE TO store all her government emails on a PRIVATE server, and that server also contained her private emails, so after deciding what emails she would turn over she DELETED THOUSANDS OF EMAILS she insists were not work related. So now, her critics may have a harder time proving any wrong doing, and she can claim that she’s innocent since there may be no proof of wrong doing in the emails she decided to turn over after HER TEAM PRIVATELY REVIEWED and cleared them for release.

SOLUTION: This whole thing comes down to TRUST. How do you tell if someone is telling you the truth when they state all government related emails were handed over for review and the rest were deleted and cant be examined? As Watergate’s Bob Woodward might say, “follow the emails”.

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No Surprise, California measure fails to create green jobs… Leftover money returns to general fund for unrestricted projects of lawmakers’ choosing ;)

I found one sentence in the article below that REVEALS how POLITICIANS USE PROMISES to SCAM VOTERS

Excerpted Article below by Julia Horowitz (AP)

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — Three years after California voters passed a ballot measure to raise taxes on corporations and generate clean energy jobs by funding energy-efficiency projects in schools, barely one-tenth of the promised jobs have been created, and the state has no comprehensive list to show how much work has been done or how much energy has been saved. Money is trickling in at a slower-than-anticipated rate, and more than half of the $297 million given to schools so far has gone to consultants and energy auditors. The board created to oversee the project and submit annual progress reports to the Legislature has never met, according to a review by The Associated Press.

Voters in 2012 approved the Clean Energy Jobs Act by a large margin, closing a tax loophole for multistate corporations. The Legislature decided to send half the money to fund clean energy projects in schools, promising to generate more than 11,000 jobs each year. Instead, only 1,700 jobs have been created in three years, raising concerns about whether the money is accomplishing what voters were promised.

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(VIDEO) Nearly 40 minute Trump interview on NBC

I dare Hillary Clinton to sit with a conservative a network 40 nearly minutes like Trump did on liberal NBC…

SKIP TO 14:24 to hear Chuck Todd say NO ONE KNOWS HOW TO GET EM OUT referring to the minerals in Afghanistan which Trump reveals… Sounds odd to me that Chuck Todd would say that.

SKIP TO 21:15 to hear what a hack reporter Chuck Todd is, he has a problem with Trump talking about where he went to school? “Why do you have to say it?”

SKIP TO 23:30 to really hear HOW CLUELESS CHUCK TODD is about how China is ARTIFICIALLY DEVALUING their money.

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(VIDEO) Democrat Criticizes Obama for Creating Class Warfare in a Class Less America

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