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Contradictary Statements on Iran’s Nuclear Weapons Capability from John Kerry During NBC Interview?

Below is an excerpt I found interesting from an interview John Kerry had with NBC’s Matt Lauer. The following video contains the full interview… YOUTUBE VIDEO LINK to interview

KERRY: The fact is that we will have for 15 years a restraint on Iran that absolutely prevents it from developing a weapon. They can’t enrich beyond 3.67 percent. You can’t make a bomb at 3.67 percent. They will only have 300 kilograms of stockpile of enriched uranium. You can’t make a bomb with that. They will have inspections on a daily basis in their enrichment facilities. … What people forget is, this is not something that may happen in the future, Matt. Iran already has enough fissile material for 10 to 12 bombs. They haven’t decided to make it; they haven’t done it yet. We’re rolling that back.

Full Transcript @ US Department of State

If John Kerry says Iran ALREADY has enough fissile material for 10-12 bombs how does stopping economic and arms purchasing sanctions PREVENT a dangerous Iran? Feel free to let me know if I’m missing something here….

Also, regarding the “daily basis inspections”… this video link brings up a question… Question on INSPECTIONS

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  1. it’s never what they say it is

  2. Drew #

    Yeah, you must be missing something.

    The agreement requires Iran to ship much of the material which would be used for a bomb out of the country. The uranium they would be allowed to keep in the agreement would not be at a concentration which is weapons-usable.

    • Drew, can you link a source for those details of the agreement? Also, I’m not sure I’d trust a country that chants DEATH TO AMERICA (out of habit according to CBS) to follow an agreement as promised…


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