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QUESTIONABLE JOURNALISM: Does leaving out KEY Racial Homicide Statistic Mislead Americans?

Hours after a horrible mass shooting of 9 black americans, inside a church, by a white 21 year old male I came across this story on the homepage of

Black Americans Are Killed At 12 Times The Rate Of People In Other Developed Countries

First I briefly skimmed through the article, noticed charts and graphs, so I figured I’d get a pretty good idea of the severity of the situation by taking a better read. I learned that blacks in America were definitely at higher risk of being victims of homicides, and there are stats to prove it. However after reading this article, published hours after a white guy killed 9 people in a black church I found something odd, one vital statistic was left out.

About 90% of African American Homicides are Committed by other African Americans

The fact that this statistic was left out on a day where racial tensions are high, one white person having murdered nine african americans, points to the typical liberal agenda I’ve encountered regularly for the last couple of years. It is clear that the writer is aware of this info because he DOES allude to the missing stat, briefly, in his final paragraph, inside a pair of ellipsis. If you read the comments area of the article you clearly see I am not the only one who noticed this missing information.

I pointed out this omission in the comments area of the story, at first someone replied, with, hey, its not a big deal to omit this, or simply allude to the missing info. After my reply stating the author had an agenda, and this is why they left out that KEY statistic, they stated…

“I would agree that there probably an agenda in not making that fact centrefold, but I’m not sure I agree on what that agenda is. What do you think the agenda of the author was?”

my final response was…

“Sadly, I believe its to divide and conquer, keep people frightened, tell them to fear each other, despite the facts prove being killed by members of opposite race is rare. This ties into politics because those pushing this division want to create that victim mentality which needs someone to save them when elected. As far as media, most of these sensationalized race stories are spread by mainstream news media, and these days mainstream news is liberal, ABC, CBS, NBC… those non cable stations are pumped into every US home and have proven to promote divisive stories, for ratings and as mentioned, political purposes. Just my current opinion based on my daily news & media observations dating back to 2008. I used to be a democrat & am now an independent, so I have been able to catch the tricks they used on me, misleading headlines is a huge and constantly used one, they know most people dont take the time to read full news stories, let alone fact check their assertions, most people simply read a headline, look at the photo attached to it and pass it along as truth. Instead of informing Americans that acts like the Charleston shootings are rare and in this case, carried out by a potentially deranged individual, drug past, the mainstream media leaves this vital information out and creates the situation where young african american kids whove potentially never experienced racism in 2015 go to bed in fear of living in a deadly racist country. I could go on and on… Again, just my current opinion. Thanks for the question.

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