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After MONTHS of MINIMUM WAGE HIKE PROPAGANDA media finally starts reporting it WILL DESTROY JOBS

They start by telling you the truth of how it will negatively impact businesses and therefore workers, but being a liberal mainstream media source they cant leave you with the truth so of course they continue on to explain how it wont hurt businesses afterall….

Article below by KATE GIBSON

Hikes in the minimum wage in cities and states around the U.S. will dent profit margins at restaurants, particularly at casual-dining chains, according to Moody’s Investors Service (MCO).

“Clearly the restaurant industry is going to pay a price, or be among the sectors most affected by this,” said Jacob Kirkegaard, a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute for International Economics, a nonpartisan research group, citing the large numbers of restaurant workers at or below the minimum wage. “The question will be to what extent it will only bleed into margins or whether the prices will go up, and whether we still have the 99 cent burger.”

Read the Rest @ How much will minimum wage hikes hurt restaurants? – CBS News.

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