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Media admits it thinks it gets to decide who 2016 candidates are

Corporate controlled and liberal dominated media thinks they TELL YOU who the 2016 candidates will be through their propaganda and coverups. Just read below to see them admit it – Mr Blacksheep @ Unaffiliated Party


Voters of America: What exactly is your problem?

For months, we in the media have been telling you, repeatedly and in very small words, that Hillary Clinton and Jeb Bush are going to be the nominees in 2016. They’ve got big money, big names, the comforting ’90s vibe. Their debates will feel like a rerun of “Friends,” before everyone started doing drugs and sleeping with each other.

Just a few days ago, some guy wrote an entire op-ed in Politico titled “Newsflash: It’s Going to Be Hillary vs. Jeb.” Since the writer wasn’t God or Nostradamus, I didn’t really feel the need to keep reading, but clearly you should have, because you’re just not getting the message.

According to a batch of brand-new polling, the number of voters who view Clinton favorably has dropped below 50 percent for the first time since she last ran for president in 2008; suddenly fewer people like her than don’t. Ditto for Jeb, who, according to the results of an ABC/Washington Post poll, would be the least liked Republican in the potential field were it not for the beneficence of Donald Trump.

Why is it so hard to accept your fate already? Why do you insist on dating bad boys like Scott Walker and Bernie Sanders when we’ve gone to such trouble to arrange reliable marriages that benefit everyone?

Read the Rest @ Bush and Clinton seem inevitable. Except to voters..

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