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Mainstream Media on a Rand Paul Smear Campaign

Mainstream Media is on a transparent Rand Paul SMEAR CAMPAIGN, check out this article to the video below I saw posted on the Yahoo homepage. Keep this in mind as you watch and read, first Paul starts off by saying “one more” clearly he’s limited for time, but the Media cant resist so this short interview is now a SCANDAL according to Mashable that puts out an article implying he cut his interview short for deceptive reasons then DOES NOT RETRACT when the interviewer ADMITS on twitter…. “In fairness to @RandPaul campaign, they didn’t turn off the lights. (A CNN producer did.) Still: a shame he ended interview so abruptly.” THIS IS PATHETIC, clearly the powers that be DO NOT want a Paul in office AS USUAL, hopefully regular people realize this make him the perfect candidate.

“Rand Paul walks out of interview with Guardian reporter”

While political candidates like Hillary Clinton and Rand Paul embrace technology in the 2016 presidential election, sometimes they’re just not ready for prime time. Case in point: The fiasco of Rand Paul’s latest interview on Periscope, the live-streaming video app that broadcasts directly to Twitter. With the lightness and ease of home video, Periscope and its rival, Meerkat, work right from iPhones to capture moments that viewers love to see — but which political candidates may not want to share.

That was evident when Republican presidential candidate Rand Paul stalked off in a huff in the middle of a Periscope interview with The Guardian on Friday, leaving correspondent Paul Lewis to theorize about the candidate’s sudden departure as the lights in the room went out. It went about as well as some of Paul’s other recent media interviews: In other words, not great.

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