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(VIDEO) White House Can’t Explain Difference Between Indiana Law and One Obama Backed

This is also a great time to read the following article, which proves something I’ve seen among fact checkers, especially PolitFact. I have noticed their tendency to try as hard as possible to find republicans as being untruthful, they twist the meaning of words and interpret what a Republican said in ways that lead them to find some way in which they can avoid giving them a truthful rating, with a scrutiny that Democrats are not treated during fact checks.

HERE Politifact fact checks the Indiana Governor’s comment that this law is the same as the one that Obama voted for in Illinois, when they see that the text of the law is practically the same, they start to distract and divert by talking about the environment of the state and what it could lead to so that they wont have to admit that the text of the actual laws is basically the same. ;)

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Indiana Governor: This Is the Same Religious Freedom Law Obama Voted for in Illinois
Obama attacks Indiana religious freedom law, but backed Illinois bill as state senator

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