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Hillary Clinton Email Scandal Summed Up in Simple Common Sense Non Partisan Way

I found the following commentary in the comments section of a online story recently and had to post it…

by DonPCdude

Ladies… are you capable of telling the truth… even to yourself ? Let’s see…

Ok… So, you THINK your Husband has been CHEATING on you. There are clues to it everywhere. Plus, and you were told that his voice mail had evidence of one or more of his GIRLFRIENDS….
You approach him about it and have a talk and you ask him to provide you with his voice mail. Doing so would Vindicate him totally if he was in fact INNOCENT !
But before you could get them… he erased them !!!
Why would your husband do this IF HE WAS INNOCENT ?

Answer… He wouldn’t !
There is NO Doubt That you would assume instantly that this was a total admission of guilt !!!
His actions would end in divorce !

At LEAST have the integrity to admit the truth !

Read Post that Spawned this Commentary @ Hillary Clinton confirms she wiped her email server

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