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The Side Of Net Neutrality that Obama Millenials NEED TO HEAR !

The following is my response to a mass email sent out to everyone at work, asking us to call some number to support the passage of Net Neutrality legislation. “I consider equal access to information (Net Neutrality) one of the most important issues our government has considered in my lifetime” said the email, so I had to respond. I decided to post this because readers might find it useful, and of course, feel free to share….


Some research you are not hearing in the mainstream news or from reddit activists about Net Neutrality, not trying to influence anyone or shut down anyone’s opinions, but since there is plenty being ignored about the topic its worth a listen for those trying to decide how strongly they should support what all the cool kids are supporting….

Simple overview of what this whole net neutrality thing is for those who havent been keeping up, the actual tech behind it as well as audio of a conference call with Comcast’s CEO to investors about the metered internet, which net neutrality supporters dont realize they are sweeping in… Both of these guys (Adam Curry & John C Dvorak) are pretty well known techies & independent podcasters (listener supported/no advertisers)

next THIS YOUTUBE LINK which should start at 1:19:00, skip ahead if it doesnt, Further research on the origins of the net neutrality debate, (time warner, comcast, netflix…)

The following YOUTUBE LINK should start at 1:35:35 if it doesnt, skip ahead, An overview of the President’s proposals to treat the net as a title 2 utility, as well as bringing in the FCC to regulate it, just like broadcast tv, which is clearly not as free as cable tv to provide the type of programming and choices that cable can, not being controlled by the FCC.

Now, a link to an article on how Net Neutrality Regulation is Bad for Consumers
And, Obama failed the Internet says ‘net neutrality’ professor

So odd to me that a movement has been created where people WANT the internet regulated like their water and cell phone data. A lot of work has gone into creating this movement, primarily, spread the meme that internet is a right, then you make people equate it to something like water, and then government sweeps in to regulate it, and, somehow people assume regulation equals lower prices, look at anything highly regulated, like health care, to see what government regulations do to prices before insurance ;)

Also, once the FCC gets involved people also ignore that, sure, ISPs might not block content or reduce access to data as a result, BUT they ignore that the FCC’s role, a government entity, is to decide what is allowed to be broadcast or accessed, so the FCC will have full reign to do the very thing supporters are arguing for. The discussions i’ve passed along in the audio clips bring up that so far ISPs are not the ones that have been blocking content anyway, so this false threat is being used to empower government FCC to block whatever they feel is unlawful (torrents, file sharing, political organizing? etc ) The internet got to where it is because of its wild west low regulation aspects, bloggers dont need licenses or to pay government fees, anyone can start a business online or distribute independent content with little interference, sadly many people dont realize thats where we will end up once the FCC gets involved, like every other industry that becomes highly regulated (again, just look at what is happening to services like Uber & Lyft). Again, compare the freedom of expression and choice from cable tv programming to the FCC dominated broadcast channels.

My 2 centavos

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