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FCC Net Neutrality Collusion?

By Cynthia J Quinn

While trying to get to the bottom of the Net Neutrality scam, I came across some important information that I believe can render the over 300 page book of new internet regulations null and void. This report exposes crony capitalism gone wild, a “follow the money trail” that should alarm us all.

Three months ago, Obama called for strong net-neutrality regulations, an easy ‘fait accompli’ for our tyrannical leader considering the fact that his appointed Chair of the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) is Tom Wheeler, his former campaign bundler who helped raise more than $700,000 to help him get elected twice. Wheeler first became aware of Obama after his wife, Carole Wheeler read one of Obama’s books.They both became early, enthusiastic supporters and even moved to Iowa for nearly two months (where she is from) to head up a field office leading up to the 2008 Iowa caucuses. Obama took the district on polling day.

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The Side Of Net Neutrality that Obama Millenials NEED TO HEAR !

The following is my response to a mass email sent out to everyone at work, asking us to call some number to support the passage of Net Neutrality legislation. “I consider equal access to information (Net Neutrality) one of the most important issues our government has considered in my lifetime” said the email, so I had to respond. I decided to post this because readers might find it useful, and of course, feel free to share….


Some research you are not hearing in the mainstream news or from reddit activists about Net Neutrality, not trying to influence anyone or shut down anyone’s opinions, but since there is plenty being ignored about the topic its worth a listen for those trying to decide how strongly they should support what all the cool kids are supporting….

Simple overview of what this whole net neutrality thing is for those who havent been keeping up, the actual tech behind it as well as audio of a conference call with Comcast’s CEO to investors about the metered internet, which net neutrality supporters dont realize they are sweeping in… Both of these guys (Adam Curry & John C Dvorak) are pretty well known techies & independent podcasters (listener supported/no advertisers)

next THIS YOUTUBE LINK which should start at 1:19:00, skip ahead if it doesnt, Further research on the origins of the net neutrality debate, (time warner, comcast, netflix…)

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(VIDEOS) Friedrich A. von Hayek lays out the BASIC economics MOST AMERICANS IGNORE

Keep in mind, during the discussion, that “unemployment” programs become synonymous for welfare programs as a whole, not just the traditional unemployment benefits we refer to today.
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Liberal Heart throbs like Elizabeth Warren Fool Democratic Supporters by Bashing Wall Street WHILE Protecting Federal Reserve

By Tyler Durden | ZeroHedge

It would appear the powers that be are getting nervous. Yesterday, Fed Governor Jerome Powell (and Fisher and Plosser) stepped up the central bank’s push against what he termed congressional efforts to extend political influence over monetary policy, calling them “misguided” and “in violent conflict with the facts.” Today we have Senator Elizabeth Warren trying to sound supportive of transparency but proclaiming that she opposes Rand Paul’s “Audit The Fed” Bill because it promotes “congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions.”

Desperate to appear a huge opponent to Wall Street (and The Fed) Warren begins…

“I strongly support and continue to press for greater congressional oversight of the Fed’s regulatory and supervisory responsibilities, and I believe the Fed’s balance sheet should be regularly audited – which the law already requires… But I oppose the current version of this bill because it promotes congressional meddling in the Fed’s monetary policy decisions, which risks politicizing those decisions and may have dangerous implications for financial stability and the health of the global economy.”

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Immigrants get work permits, Americans get worked up | The Miami Herald The Miami Herald


Francisco, or “Cisco” as he’s known to his friends, is an American in his early 30s. Two years ago, he was laid off from his longtime job at a hardware store and has had no luck since finding a replacement. Construction gigs around the area, he laments, often go to immigrants willing to work for far less. Cisco has largely given up on the job search and now mostly spends time living in his parents’ cramped Miami home, caring for his mentally ailing father.

.. the Obama administration, since 2009, issued work permits to an astonishing 5.5 million foreigners, in addition to our already generous issuance of work permits to 1 million annual legal immigrants and 700,000 annual guest workers. According to a Center for Immigration Studies report, almost 2 million recipients were here on temporary visas, a majority of whom fell into categories for which employment is not authorized, such as tourist or student visas. Roughly 150,000 work permits were issued to students’ and guest workers’ dependents. Almost 1 million were issued to aliens who crossed into the United States illegally and almost 2 million to those who immigration status was “unknown.”

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Do the math: Notwithstanding some overlap, we are issuing 5.5 million work permits to foreign nationals over a mere six years; 1.1 million to legal immigrants and 700,000 guest workers annually; more than 1 million via Obama’s 2012 “DACA” action; and potentially 5 million via his 2014 immigration executive action. All this as millions of Americans languish in unemployment.

While the Obama administration seemingly shouts “Let them eat cake!” to unemployed Americans, doing the bidding of Big Business donors and attempting to create future Democratic voters, remind me again how this is the party fighting for the little guy?

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