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Union pressures may have cost Palmdale, CA hundreds of jobs

By Leo Stallworth | ABC NEWS

PALMDALE, Calif. (KABC) -It was a project that would have generated hundreds of jobs to build train cars in the Palmdale area. But now, the company, Kinkisharyo international, is pulling out of the deal. “This would have had a positive effect, especially for the city of Palmdale or for someone like myself, a veteran,” said Albert Becerril of Palmdale. Becerril has been unemployed for nearly a year. He was looking forward to applying for a job at Kinkisharyo international, a Japanese company that builds light rail train cars. The company was set to build a plant on 60 acres near the Palmdale Airport. That is until the company announced it was pulling out of the deal and now looking to build a facility out of state. It blames the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Union IBEW.

Read the Rest @ Kinkisharyo international pulls out of project; union pressures may have cost Palmdale jobs |

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