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Fast & Furious Summed Up

By Anthony Martin | Examiner

In 2003-2004 the ATF implemented a strategy openly before the public and with the approval of Congress and the Mexican government. This would be a sting operation to see if they could track the movements of drug cartels and kingpins by allowing a small number of guns — 250 or 300 at the most — to be carried across the border to the cartels. Obama’s Fast and Furious scheme sent 2500 – 3000 guns across the border in comparison. That program was called Project Gunrunner. But before seeing the program through to the end, the Bush administration ended Gunrunner because, according to officials, the early stages of the program did not net the successes that officials were looking for.

In 2009, however, with the election of Barack Obama, a new component was added into the mix that brought new interest to the now defunct Gunrunner program. Obama was a strong proponent of gun control, although he conveniently avoided making it a campaign issue. His reason was given in an interview. He stated that even if he pushed his supporters to introduce such a bill in Congress, it would not get the votes to pass, not even in his own Party. Yet some Democrats were every bit as anti-gun as Obama, including Hillary Clinton, Eric Holder, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Harry Reid, and others. If they could somehow resurrect Gunrunner, vastly expand it, and add to it the gun issue in order to “prove” that most of the guns used by Mexican criminals come from the United States, then they could kill two birds with one stone. Publicly they could show they were going after drug kingpins. Privately they could undercut the gun rights of American citizens. They could call for “reasonable restrictions” on guns by using bogus figures supplied by the Fast and Furious operation.

Read the Rest @ Dems start the blame game again.

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