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Would Obama Use ISIS Warfare to Topple A Sovereign Country’s Leader?

The headline above is mine, read the following article to see how I came to that conclusion. Remember, there is still no concensus as to who took down flight MH17 over Ukraine which the US is pinning on “Putin supported rebels” – Mr BlackSheep

Reuters/ Saul Loeb/Pool

President Barack Obama would seek to overthrow the regime of Bashar al-Assad if American planes were attacked upon entering Syrian air space, Peter Baker of The New York Times reports.

If Assad’s troops fired at American planes entering Syrian airspace, “Obama said he would order American forces to wipe out Syria’s air defense system,” Baker reports. “He went on to say that such an action by Mr. Assad would lead to his overthrow, according to one account.”

Read the Rest @ Obama: Assad Shooting At American Planes Would Lead To His Overthrow – Yahoo Finance

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