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Black journalist silences NBC panel: Let’s not pretend cops killing blacks is the problem

By Richard Berkow

Wall Street Journal editorial board member Jason Riley upset the NBC liberals’ applecart by chronicling facts which refuted their mythic narrative of bullying white cops harassing innocent black youths.

Speaking on “Meet the Press,” Sunday, Riley told MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell and leftist Jane Harman that the offending officer in Ferguson, Missouri used excessive force and should be prosecuted, but “Let’s not pretend our morgues and cemeteries are full of young black men because cops are shooting them. The reality is that it’s because other black people are shooting them, and we need to talk about black criminality.”

… Harman and Mitchell then proceeded to interrupt Riley so that he could not articulate another sentence, until Mitchell could change the topic.

Read the Rest @ Bizpac Review

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