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The Disaster Of The Obama Presidency

By Robert G. Kaufman, Professor of Public Policy, Pepperdine University

The Obama presidency lies in shambles. Few presidents have promised more, delivered less, or done more damage. The economy limps along anemically — the weakest recovery from a recession in history. Rising taxes, suffocating regulation, soaring domestic spending, and voraciously expanding entitlements have deep-chilled growth, innovation, and the creation of new jobs. The administration has tenaciously impeded the exploitation of huge energy reserves that could transform the U.S. into an energy exporter.

The president reneged on his promise that Americans could keep their health care. Instead, the administration will force millions of Americans to buy coverage, so the president can finance a fiscally unsound, medically unwise, and administratively untenable. monstrosity. In the first quarter of 2014, the economy declined by 2.9 percent. Another recession looms near.

The president has usurped Congress’s exclusive authority to legislate under Article I of the Constitution: Witness Obama’s rampant issuance of executive orders to rewrite his health care law and controversial executive actions on the environment and immigration. Or the president unconstitutionally making recess appointments while Congress is in session.

Worse, the president has abnegated his constitutional responsibility to provide for the common defense. He refuses to act decisively as tens of thousands of undocumented minors from Central American stream across the American border. Obama’s obstinate unwillingness to enforce the immigration laws or permit governors to do so brought on this crisis long in the making. Obama wants to merely manage the influx rather than reverse the tide and enforce border security.

… During the Obama presidency, American power and prestige has plummeted throughout the Middle East. Correspondingly, violence, fanaticism, and strife have escalated precipitously. According to Pew Foundation polls, the United States is now more unpopular in the Islamic World under Obama than it was under George W. Bush. Obama’s premature withdrawal from Iraq probably spells defeat in a war that the United States would have won had we retained a military presence. Obama’s loud talk while carrying small stick has fanned the flames of the Syrian civil war, bolstering the murderous Syrian Dictatorship of Bashir Assad, inviting Putin’s anti-American Russia to fill the vacuum,  radicalizing the Syrian Opposition and has caused a local war to metastasize into a no-holds-barred regional struggle. In Gaza, Hamas rewarded Obama’s and John Kerry’s fawning engagement with the Palestinians with another round of their perpetual war to eradicate Israel…

Read the Rest @ The Disaster Of The Obama Presidency | The Daily Caller.

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