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BREAKING: New Allegations Point to Cochran Campaign in Mississippi Senate Vote Buying Scandal | RedState

Establishment GOP corruption against constitutional challengers in their own party…

Article below by Aaron Gardner

An audio interview has surfaced in which the interviewee claims that he was to be paid by the Cochran camp to grease voters in the Mississippi GOP Senate runoff election. The audio interview, which coincides with a separate audio recording and batch of evidence produced by the newly launched, a project by Charles C. Johnson, alleges that the Cochran campaign conspired with a Mississippi Reverend to buy the votes of African American voters, who happen to be democrats.

Before I get into the weeds of what is in the audio interview and transcript, which are both below, let me set up the stage a bit. What is alleged to have occurred is illegal and very serious business. Under Mississippi law the alleged crimes could lead to Thad Cochran being removed from the Senate. Everything that follows comes from sources either on the ground in Mississippi, or those working closely with them.

… As implied in the interview, and confirmed by the text messages, Baird now works for the Cochran campaign and allegedly participated in a vote buying scheme to secure victory in the Mississippi.


As I said at the beginning, these allegations are no joke. Under MS Code § 23-15-561 (2013) which is a subsection of the Article on the Conduct of Elections, it is unlawful for both the Cochran campaign or outside supporters to “publicly or privately put up or in any way offer any prize, cash award or other item of value to be raffled, drawn for, played for or contested for in order to encourage persons to vote or to refrain from voting in any election.”


Is doesn’t take a genius to figure out that $15 in an envelope with a flier telling you who to vote for might fit into the definitions laid out in MS Code § 23-15-561 (2013).


Read the Rest @ BREAKING: New Allegations Point to Cochran Campaign in Mississippi Senate Vote Buying Scandal | RedState.


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