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Charlie Rangel Suggests Republican Opposition To Obama Is Rooted In Racism

Leading Democrats Keep Playing the Race Card… – Mr. B

Article below by Ashley Aiman

Rep. Charlie Rangel D-N.Y. on Monday spoke out against Republicans, who he said discriminate against President Barack Obama because he’s African-American. MSNBC’s Kasie Hunt asked Rangel, also African-American, whether he believed the president faces Republican opposition because of his race.

“You know, that’s a subjective question,” responded Rangel, who faces a tough reelection in Tuesday’s primary. “But, let me say this: Are most of the states that they represent, are they in the Confederate states that fought the Union? Were they slaveholder states? And when they come to Washington, do you see more Confederate flags than American flags?”

Rangel suggested the far right opposes Obama’s domestic policy just to embarrass the president — a goal he said is rooted in their prejudice.“

Who would hurt their own people — in terms of cutting off health, job opportunity, food stamps — to get after this president? It takes a lot of hatred to hurt yourself just to embarrass the president,” Rangel said. “So, I’m trying to think with the tea party — and basically what they have said and what their spokespeople have said — this would not be the same if the president was not of color.”

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  1. So a Black is accusing Americans of racism? That’s par for the course and to be ignored as being as irrelevant of false as anything of their other complaints.

  2. Reblogged this on Reality Check and commented:
    Charlie Rangel is a Racist.


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