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TED CRUZ TO OBAMA: You Must Help Texas Solve The Border Crisis Now

article by Brett Logiurato

Sen. Ted Cruz R-Texas sent a letter to the secretary of the Department of Homeland Security Thursday, urging him to consider a proposal from Texas’ attorney general to aid the staggering humanitarian crisis on the U.S.-Mexico border.

In the letter, Cruz said Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson should examine the proposal from Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott. Cruz argued the proposal would allow Texas to take “decisive action” to help prevent thousands of unaccompanied minors from flowing over the border.

Abbott, a Republican who is currently running for governor, asked Johnson for $30 million in border-security resources last week. Border Patrol in Texas has recently reported a 92% increase in minors being apprehended at the border.

“Preventing people from illegally immigrating to the United States should be the primary purpose of Customs and Border Protection,” Cruz wrote in his letter. “And, although this critical task is primarily a federal responsibility, Texas is prepared to take action to gain control of our borders.”

Every day, hundreds of children are crossing the border, mostly making their way from violence-stricken areas in Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The causes for this influx are many, but a large portion are children fleeing increased drug and gang violence.

In his letter, Cruz attributed the flood of people illegally crossing the border to the Obama administration’s immigration policies, which he characterized as an “outright refusal to enforce the law.”

“The Obama Administration’s outright refusal to enforce the law is causing chaos for those of us who live and work in border states that must deal with the surge of immigrants who are illegally arriving each day,” Cruz wrote.

The influx of immigrants have overwhelmed Border Patrol resources in the Rio Grande area, causing many migrants to be sent to processing facilities in Texas and Arizona. However, most of the detention facilities are not designed for long-term residency, creating a nightmare situation for officials trying to relieve the backlog — and for the immigrants who find themselves living in overcrowded, run-down conditions

Read the Rest @ Ted Cruz: Border Immigration Crisis Must Be Stopped – Business Insider.

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