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IRS Says Official’s Emails Were Lost in Computer Crash – WSJ

Article By John D Mickinnon

WASHINGTON—The Internal Revenue Service said a former official’s 2011 computer crash significantly hampered its efforts to dig up correspondence requested as part of a congressional review of the agency’s treatment of conservative groups.The IRS said it is providing more emails to lawmakers and is doing its best to reconstruct correspondence from the former executive, Lois Lerner, who retired as the controversy unfolded last year. Its effort, which has included searching email of other senders and recipients, resulted in an additional 24,000 emails that are being provided to lawmakers, the agency said in a summary of its actions.House Republicans investigating the IRS controversy reacted unhappily to the news of Ms. Lerner’s computer crash.

… In a statement, the IRS said that it has made “unprecedented efforts” to comply with congressional demands for documents and information concerning the targeting. The effort has involved more than 250 IRS employees working more than 120,000 hours at a cost of almost $10 million.

Read the Rest @ IRS Says Official’s Emails Were Lost in Computer Crash – WSJ

This administration must think the American people are fools, as if emails don’t have backups stored on servers, or in other people’s inboxes, or the NSA. I am pretty sure backups of federal data is most likely a regulated requirement. And, only the government could spend $10 MILLION dollars looking through someone’s sent email history…..  – Mr. B

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