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Sen. Coburn: As many as 89% of ACA signups were already previously insured

By Senator Tom Coburn, a medical doctor.

Obamacare supporters are touting reports that 6 million Americans bought insurance on exchanges as evidence the plan is moving in the right direction. But these numbers are misleading. If anything, they show that Obamacare’s greatest challenges are yet to come.

Of these enrollees, as many as 89% were previously insured. Helping 5 million Americans re-enroll in insurance is no great achievement, particularly when many of those customers were forced to give up plans they liked.

For everyone else, costs continue to skyrocket. President Obama promised to lower health premiums by $2,500 per family, but premiums have increased by more than that since Obamacare passed. The costs of deductibles and premiums — big, out-of-pocket expenses — have soared more than 40% in only one year. Premiums will likely increase even more because young, healthy people aren’t enrolling fast enough to offset the costs of covering older, sicker patients.

Obamacare is proving, yet again, the axiom that the best way to make something expensive is for government to make it affordable.

Read the Rest @ Sen. Coburn: Obamacare cuts choices, not costs.

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