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The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About The New Ban Bossy Campaign


High-achieving women such as Beyonce and Condoleezza Rice have joined Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg’s new campaign to ban the word “bossy.” No, really. They want to ban the word “bossy.” Here are just a few of the reasons that’s a horrible idea.

1) Banning words is un-American

Full stop. I shouldn’t have to point this out. You’ve heard the phrase “It’s a free country”? Yeah, well that’s ‘murica we’re talking about. Let Putin ban words and thoughts. We don’t do that. We embrace thinking and full utilization of not just the English language but every language. If you teach me how to say something funny in Mandarin, I’m going to say it. Because I’m an American.

2) Girls are strong. Stop overprotecting them

It completely conflicts with the “Lean-In” message to treat girls like they’re dainty little flowers who change their entire personalities if someone utters a not-even-that-mean word in their general direction. If you want women to take over companies and give up their wombs until they’re approaching 40 to do so, you have to toughen them up, not cater to their slightest hurt feelings. Seriously.

3) ‘Bossy’ isn’t even gender-specific.

True story. My 4-year-old came home from school on the day of the BanBossy campaign launch to tell me that a little girl told a little boy in the class that he was being bossy by not letting them play with the toy he was using. I think that the entire crew will survive this horrible slight and that they might even grow up to be functioning members of society. But the idea that “bossy” is something only girls hear is just not in any way matched by my experience. Or my daughter’s. Further, even if there were a sex differentiation here, it’s not the one described by the campaign…

Read the Rest @ The 7 Most Ridiculous Things About The New Ban Bossy Campaign.

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