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UNAFFILIATED PARTY PROPOSAL: If Government adds TRILLION$ to National Debt they should LOSE their lifetime pensions!

That’s right I said it! That simple. Mr President, Congress, both parties, this means you. Now, what politician will get behind this? – Mr B.


Senator Rand Paul discusses individualism, freedom, and national security (video)

This week on Uncommon Knowledge, Senator Rand Paul discusses his political ideas, ideals, and philosophies, noting that “we’re all born with an instinct towards individualism.” He gives his insights into dealing with immigration, unemployment, foreign policy, national security, taxes, personal responsibility, and many other issues. Senator Paul’s unique perspective and solutions could be a starting point for getting the United States back on track.

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The Affordable Care Act’s Multiple Taxes –

By Cassey B Mulligan

Under the Affordable Care Act, only a small minority of workers is expected to get subsidized coverage. So economists concluded that aggregate labor market effects of the new law would be minimal.

I would agree if the implicit income tax were the only new tax on labor market activity in the new law. But there’s more: The Affordable Care Act also contains a new implicit tax on employment that affects far more people than its implicit income tax does.

Income taxes and employment taxes are not the same, because the income tax is based on income and the employment tax is based on employment. Two households with the same family structure (in number and age of family members) and annual income who live in the same county will not necessarily get the same assistance from the Affordable Care Act. The household that is employed more months of the year is likely to get less assistance (and maybe no assistance) from the new law, because the law requires that, during the months that they are employed, full-time workers get health coverage from their employer before they turn to the new health insurance marketplaces for federal government subsidies.

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Epic Verbal Beatdown by Marco Rubio on Tom Harkin the Cuba Praising Democratic Senator

They are STILL blaming Benghazi on a video

related… ABC News: No Protest Outside Libya Consulate Before Attack

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Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman Caught a few weeks after this DEA & Sinaloa Cartel Deal Story

So, big huge news today, a notorious Mexican drug cartel leader was caught in Mexico by a joint US & Mexican operation. This is very big news, however I found something pretty odd. I remember posting a related story a few weeks ago that got zero coverage from our mainstream news media. Check out the two bold stories. I threw in an additional story that might only be related because of when it took place, days before the arrest….

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ObamaCare Deductibles Hit Patient Pocketbooks And Hospital Finances – Forbes

By Bruce Jaspen

Health plans offered on state and federal marketplaces known as exchanges mean higher deductibles and higher out-of-pocket costs for consumers and potentially less business for hospitals under the Affordable Care Act.

A parade of reports out this week looks at the repercussions for consumers who choose high deductible plans to get a lower priced premium and health facilities, which are being pushed further away from fee-for-service medicine to an era when they are paid based on the value of medical care that they provide.

“The increasing shift to high deductible health plans meaningfully impacted patient volumes in 2013,” said Jim LeBuhn, senior director and sector head at Fitch Ratings, which said in a report this week that such plans and “rising consumerism” would negatively impact hospital financial ratings. “We expect the growing popularity of these plans to further challenge utilization rates going forward.”

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Obama’s Minimum Wage Executive Order is Unconstitutional

By Peter Kirsanow

The president issued an executive order last week purporting to raise the minimum wage for employees of federal contractors to $10.10 an hour. The order is unconstitutional.

The Supreme Court made clear in Youngstown Sheet and Tube Co. v. Sawyer that “the President’s power, if any, to issue the [executive] order must stem either from an act of Congress or from the Constitution itself.” Furthermore, “when the president takes measures incompatible with the expressed or implied will of Congress, his power is at its lowest ebb, for then he can rely only upon his own constitutional powers minus any constitutional powers of Congress over the matter.”

Nothing in the Constitution grants the president authority to set or raise the minimum wage independently of an act of Congress. Furthermore, although the president generally has authority to improve the efficient discharge of federal contracts, the president’s minimum-wage order is incompatible with the expressed and implied will of Congress.

Congress has made its will regarding the minimum wage for federal contractors abundantly clear in four separate statutes: The Service Contract Act, the Davis Bacon Act, the Walsh-Healey Act, and the Fair Labor Standards Act. Under those statutes, the minimum wage for many, if not most, employees of federal contractors is the prevailing minimum wage for employees in the specific job classification in the locality where the work is to be performed. For the remaining classifications of employees for whom no prevailing minimum wage exists, the minimum wage is slotted into the minimum for similar jobs, or is governed by the minimum set by Congress in the Fair Labor Standards Act, i.e., $7.25.

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Treasury Threatens Businesses With ObamaCare Perjury

On Monday, a Treasury Department unconcerned with the necessities of the free market said that businesses will need to “certify” that they are not shedding full-time workers simply to avoid the mandate and its costs.
Officials said employers will be told to sign a “self-attestation” on their tax forms affirming this, under penalty of perjury.

ObamaCare has created a class of employers known as the “49ers,” companies who decide to stay out of health care reform’s clutches by not exceeding, or by slimming down to, 49 employees, one fewer than the 50-employee threshold for providing health coverage.

There is also a class of employees known as the “29ers.” Their hours are limited or reduced to one fewer than the 30-hour threshold for being considered a full-time employee for whom coverage must be provided.
Employees get fired or laid off for all sorts of reasons, and in “at-will” states you can be fired for no reason at all or if your employer doesn’t like the color of your tie.

But now you must certify to Treasury that you are not trying to avoid ObamaCare costs even if you are trying to avoid ObamaCare costs.

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Twitter claims Venezuela is blocking its images to stifle protests

By Jon Fingas

Venezuela’s government has been trying to silence protests over shortages of basic goods, and that crackdown appears to be extending into the digital realm as well. A Twitter spokesperson tells Engadget and Bloomberg that pictures on its social network are “currently blocked” for at least some users. The country hasn’t confirmed anything, but President Nicolas Maduro has already taken a TV station off the air after it showed unflattering protest footage (pictured here); this may be just a continuation of his policy.

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Obama says immigration, minimum wage top agenda – Yahoo News

What happened to JOBS being the top agenda? How is increasing costs going to lead to more hiring? – Mr. Blacksheep

By Charles Babington

CAMBRIDGE, Md. (AP) — President Barack Obama said Friday that top priorities for Congress should be increasing the minimum wage and overhauling the immigration system, while acknowledging that election year politics could complicate the effort.

Obama and Vice President Joe Biden delivered pep talks to a House Democratic retreat on Maryland’s Eastern Shore, less than nine months before the lawmakers face re-election amid widespread voter disapproval of Congress.

The president and vice president called for sweeping changes to immigration laws, but Republican leaders have all but ruled out passage before the midterm election. Obama urged the Democratic crowd to keep working on the issue and insisted some Republicans want a deal.

“But they’re worried, and they’re scared about the political blowback. And look, everybody here is an elected official and we can all appreciate the maneuverings that take place, particularly in an election year,” Obama said.

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Anti Rand Paul Mainstream News Media ‘Plagiarism’ Propaganda Continues

Wow, the news media sure is trying hard to do whatever it can to attack Rand Paul, even attributing other’s potential “plagiarism” to Rand Paul himself in their BIG BOLD HEADLINES. If people actually take the time to read the actual stories the news media’s transparent distortions and smears became tragically pathetic. I’m sure I’ve seen stories where Obama’s words resemble those of past president’s or others but has the media ever called it ‘plagiarism’? Even worse, this latest story seeks to link someone else’s  potential ‘plagiarism’ to Rand Paul right in the headline, disgusting. Check out the latest attack I found front and center on ….

Tea Party Thief: Rand Paul Uses Plagiarized Content Against Obama

By Anthea Mitchell

Rand Paul, a well-known Tea Party member and Republican senator from Kentucky, filed a lawsuit on Wednesday against President Barack Obama and heads of government agencies connected with the National Security Agency’s publicized bulk collection program, seeking to have it declared unconstitutional. While not the sole lawsuit being filed on the issue, it is one of the more pulbic ones. This made what came next — his second plagiarization scandal in as many years — that much more unfortunate for the senator.

Paul’s lawyer, Ken Cuccinelli, worked with Bruce Fein, an ex-Reagan administration lawyer, in writing up the suit. Now, both Fein and his spokeswoman — a role filled by his ex-wife — are insisting that not only has Fein not been fully paid for his work but that the suit — filed under Cuccinelli’s name — has stolen credit for his work without giving proper recognition for his work and writing.

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Obama Rewrites ObamaCare –

‘ObamaCare” is useful shorthand for the Affordable Care Act not least because the law increasingly means whatever President Obama says it does on any given day. His latest lawless rewrite arrived on Monday as the White House decided to delay the law’s employer mandate for another year and in some cases maybe forever.

ObamaCare requires businesses with 50 or more workers to offer health insurance to their workers or pay a penalty, but last summer the Treasury offered a year-long delay until 2015 despite having no statutory authorization. Like the individual mandate, the employer decree is central to ObamaCare’s claim of universal coverage, but employers said the new labor costs—and the onerous reporting and tax-enforcement rules—would damage job creation and the economy.

Liberals insisted that such arguments were false if not beneath contempt, but then all of a sudden the White House implicitly endorsed the other side. Now the new delay arrives amid a furious debate about jobs after a damning Congressional Budget Office report last week, only this time with liberals celebrating ObamaCare’s supposed benefits to the job market.

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Postal Service had $354 million first-quarter loss – Yahoo News

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Postal Service lost $354 million over the last three months, and officials warned that mounting losses could lead to cash flow problems for the rest of the year, the agency said Friday.

The loss was far less than the $1.3 billion in the comparable quarter the previous fiscal year, but Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe continued to press Congress to give the agency more flexibility to manage its finances.

The report for the financial quarter ending December 31 comes as Congress works toward fixing the agency’s troubled finances. On Thursday, the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee approved a bill that would end Saturday mail delivery and make permanent a temporary hike in the cost of a first-class stamp, which went from 46 to 49 cents on Jan. 26.

The Senate measure also would restructure a congressional requirement that forces the agency to make a $5.6 billion annual payment for future retiree health benefits. The Postal Service has been urging Congress to reform the service’s finances as it continues to cope with steep financial losses. The Postal Service lost $5 billion in the last fiscal year, down from $15.9 billion in 2012.

via Postal Service had $354 million first-quarter loss – Yahoo News.

Viral Facebook Page Calls For LAUSD ‘Repairs Not iPads’ « CBS Los Angeles

LOS ANGELES ( — The debate over a controversial plan to provide iPads to Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) students has taken a new twist on social media.

A Facebook page titled “Repairs Not Ipads” reportedly created by an unidentified LAUSD employee has gone viral with photos of crumbling school infrastructure and unsanitary classroom conditions, including photos of alleged rat droppings on a student’s desk and cockroaches crawling on both a school floor and an apparent classroom sink.

“Maybe if students are staring at iPads they will be able to forget about the cockroaches.” read one caption to a photo posted on Dec. 18.

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