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Latest Anti Rand Paul Mainstream Media Propaganda

I was browsing facebook earlier and found a link to this “JEZEBEL” story, shared by an outraged female…

By Erin Gloria Ryan on Jezebel – Politics

Aging Brillo pad Rand Paul has a brilliant suggestion for a weapon in his ongoing war against the terrifying dragon of the unwed single mother who won’t stop living off the government: tell her that if she won’t stop having kids, she doesn’t get any more government benefits. Rand Paul also famously opposes giving low-income women any sort of aid in acquiring birth control, and is staunchly anti-abortion. Rand Paul should just come out and say it: he doesn’t think unmarried low income women should be having sex. Rand Paul Thinks Unmarried Poor Women Should Just Stop Having Sex

Related Article, from another Liberal Site @ Senator Floats Idea To Penalize Low-Income Women Who Have Children

So, Jezebel skews Paul’s words of “…“Maybe we have to say ‘enough’s enough, you shouldn’t be having kids after a certain amount…. I don’t know how you do all that because then it’s tough to tell a woman with FOUR kids that she’s got a FIFTH kid we’re not going to give her any more money. But we have to figure out how to get that message through because that is part of the answer.” INTO “he doesn’t think unmarried low income women should be having sex.” What a load of liberal distortion this is, and its being spread all over facebook by people who dont even bother to look at what he actually said, let alone bother to analyze critically. PROPAGANDA. Now, for a favorite line of mine from the ThinkProgress story…

“The caps also get assumptions wrong about the people who rely on public programs. Overall, those who use public assistance have the same average family size as those who don’t. There’s little evidence that low-income women on welfare are having far more children than those who aren’t enrolled.”

…There’s one major difference between those two groups that THINKprogress ignores, one is subsidized by tax payers while the other is not.

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