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(VIDEO) People Asked What they Thought of State of the Union BEFORE it took place (VIDEO)

President Obama’s State of The Union speech had not yet taken place when we asked these people what they thought of it, but that didn’t stop them from weighing in.

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  1. Unaffiliated Party–

    This video is hilarious–thanks for posting it!

    I’m new to blogging at WordPress, so I’m not sure of the protocol, but I would like to “reblog” this post at my blog, “Deconstructing Political Spin.”

    Or, do a re-write of the post, using only the video–with a “Hat Tip” to your blog.

    Sound okay?


    • Feel free, I think there’s some SHARE links at the end of the post.

      • Thank you, Mr Blacksheep.

        If I do a post of my own, I will be sure to “Hat Tip” you!

        I’m still laughing at this video. Heck, I never knew we had so many compulsive liars–and over something so trivial, for Pete’s Sake!


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