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Obama takes swipe at Snowden in spy reform speech – Yahoo News

By Jeff Mason

WASHINGTON (Reuters)  – President Barack Obama on Friday took a swipe at Edward Snowden, the former U.S. spy contractor whose revelations about American surveillance practices tarnished relations with foreign allies and prompted reforms in Washington.

… “If any individual who objects to government policy can take it into their own hands to publicly disclose classified information, then we will not be able to keep our people safe, or conduct foreign policy,” Obama said.

“Moreover, the sensational way in which these disclosures have come out has often shed more heat than light, while revealing methods to our adversaries that could impact our operations in ways that we may not fully understand for years to come.”

A legal adviser to Snowden, Jesselyn Radack, said Obama’s comments framed the issue in a false way of making people choose between liberty and security.

“His unnecessary swipe at Snowden for the unauthorized disclosure … was really unwarranted,” Radack, the national security and human rights director at the Government Accountability Project, said in an interview.

Read the Rest @ Obama takes swipe at Snowden in spy reform speech – Yahoo News.

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