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Online Comments to Obama’s Obamacare FIX

“Insurance companies cancelled policies because their policies did not comply with Obamacare. They were only the messengers but Obama wants to make them the cause of the problem. Did he expect them to keep their old policies in force when it was against the law to do so? Obama lied again and again. He now assumes the role as our King and decrees that HE will “allow” the companies to break the law that he signed. Do we have a Constitution. Can the President break his own law?”

– Chuck

“It doesnt matter, Chuck. Obama is just setting up a new fall guy – the big mean insurance companies that after following the ACA law, was only allowed a few weeks to get all those policies reactivated, and then of course also blaming those states that are insisting on sticking to the ACA law and not allowing those policies to be reactivated. And I have not heard anywhere that he is waiving the penalty next year either.”


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