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Report: Obamacare got 6 enrollees on Day 1 – Yahoo News

By Jay Hart


That’s how many people signed up for Obamacare on Day 1, according to CBS News, and no that’s not a misprint. The Obama administration has kept the number of enrollments close to the vest. Its touted the number of visitors to the troubled website – 4.7 million – but hasn’t released the actual number of enrollments.

But according to CBS News, notes from a “war room” meeting the day after the Affordable Care Act launched on Oct. 1 say “six enrollments have occurred so far.” By the end of Day 2, enrollments totaled 248 nationwide.

The White House predicted 500,000 would sign up by the end of the month, according to a memo obtained by the Associated Press, and that was considered a “modest start” for the market.

CBS notes that in order to meet the goal of seven million enrollments by March 1, the exchanges need to enroll an average of 39,000 a day.

Read the Rest @ Report: Obamacare got six enrollees on Day 1 – Yahoo News.

“Okay, we lied about you being able to keep your present coverage, and we lied about you being able to choose your own doctor, and we lied about you being able to see specialists without referrals, and we lied about premiums not going up, and we lied about not imposing taxes, and we lied about the act paying for itself, and we lied about the website being ready, and we lied about instituting mandates, and we lied about the penalties, and we lied about the deadlines, and we lied about…well, just about everything. Now, what are you going to do about it? Not much, after all, the law is the law and we can’t just change it…well, we could but that would prove the Republicans were right, so shut up, drink the kool-aid and trust to us how best to manage your lives. Oh, and by the way, about all of that stuff I just said; We’re real sorry (hee hee).” – Jimmy (yahoo user comment)

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  1. Actually, you have misunderstood the story. Those numbers are indicators of how few could get through using, the broken fed web site, NOT how many signed up for Obamacare nationally.

    We have 40 thousand completed enrollments here in WA state, our premiums are going DOWN, and only people with total crap insurance are getting canceled. New York, Kentucky etc, have over a million completed enrollees. 36 states that use the fed-run exchanges have the problem and must fix it. We in the other states run our own exchanges and our own web site portals, and we aren’t having these problems at all.

    Perhaps some of the other states should get off their asses and make the law work for their local residents, instead of expecting Uncle Sugar to be able to hand out “one size fits all” overpriced policies.


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