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Media Bias: Manufacturing Benefit of the Doubt Stories about ACA / ObamaCare

Check out the story below… A news story describing “What the President Should have said”!?… talk about the news media covering for the President, MANUFACTURING a benefit of the doubt story. There’s a reason he didn’t say “If you have insurance through your employer and you like it, you can keep it.” It’s because “If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan. PERIOD! Nobody is talking about taking that away from you” sounded MUCH better. You think this administration actually sat down to think the ACA through? Its real long term costs and consequences? Its clear that this administration is more concerned propping up its “legacy” than the country. There’s plenty of people who are contractors & pay for THEIR OWN insurance, a friend of mine got a notice that his plan for him and his family is going from $380 to $800 a month! He asked what he should do, I recommended he start writing some letters, which is all he CAN do because counting on our corrupt news media to look our for the people instead of the white house is a thing of the past.

By Rick Newman

Obama has acknowledges “glitches” with the ACA rollout and said he takes “full responsibility” for fixing them. He continues to insist, however, that the new law will vastly improve access to care for millions who couldn’t afford it before. And in a recent speech in Boston, he pointed out that one goal of the program was to secure better care for people paying sizable premiums for barely-there coverage. “One of the things health care reform was designed to do was to help not only the uninsured, but the underinsured,” he said.

What he should have said…

Still, Obama would be on much firmer ground if he had modified his now-notorious guarantee by saying, “If you have insurance through your employer and you like it, you can keep it.” Most big companies offer plans thorough enough to meet the requirements of the ACA, and there is, in fact, no reason for that type of coverage to change under the law. For years, employers have been charging their workers more for insurance, raising deductibles and making other changes to adapt to the skyrocketing cost of care. But most such changes have nothing to do with Obamacare.

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