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Shutdown Theater: Take a hike, war heroes, we’ve got an immigration rally to hold | Human Events

By john Hayward

World War II veterans were confronted with Obama’s Park Service shock troops and Barry-cades, kept away from their open-air, generally non-supervised memorial because the poor widdle shut-down federal government supposedly just couldn’t afford to let people view a monument to the heroes who destroyed the Axis.

Vietnam veterans got the bum’s rush from their memorial, which requires even less active supervision than the World War II site, seeing as how it’s a wall. There was plenty of manpower available to eject the heroes of Vietnam when they moved the Barry-cades to pay their respects.

You’re not even supposed to look at Mount Rushmore during Barack Obama’s temper tantrum. You can have it back when you give him the money he wants, America, but not a moment before.

But an “immigration rally” gets red-carpet service, as the ostensibly closed National Mall is thrown wide open for an event sponsored by union bosses with powerful Democrat Party connections.

Supposedly this is all justified by deference to the First Amendment rights of the demonstrators, although I recall hearing that said about the World War II veterans as well… right before the barricades around their memorial were wired shut. This would be a great moment for a pro-life group to organize a quick rally on the Mall and see what sort of response they get from the directors of Shutdown Theater.

Read the Rest @ Shutdown Theater: Take a hike, war heroes, we’ve got an immigration rally to hold | Human Events.

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I’m sure walking through open air memorials is protected by the Constitution as well.

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