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ABC: John Boehner ‘This Week’ Exclusive Interview House Speaker Discusses Government Shutdown (VIDEO)

Man, can you imagine if George Clintonopolous went after democrats this hard? Putting words in his mouth, going after him like an attorney in court, etc. I haven’t been the biggest Boehner fan, but he is really explaining the GOP point in a way that anyone not blinded by ideology can understand. Hey George, just cause something is the law of the land doesn’t mean it should not be changed, especially when its the President himself taking the lead on delaying and changing the law, an unconstitutional act by the was since changing laws is the job of Congress, not the President. If you watch this whole video the bias behind ABC news becomes clear, it would be nothing but softball questions if this were a Democrat or President Obama.

Related Article @ Obama’s claim that non-budget items have ‘never’ been attached to the debt ceiling

Furthermore, regarding the debt ceiling, here’s some common sense talk by Rand Paul, too bad it flies over Crowleys head…

Have any liberals been able to cut through the media spin to realize that the GOP has already negotiated down to 2 things (1) Delay individual mandate which forces people to participate in ObamaCare or pay fines$, just like Obama did for big business without going through Congress (2) No special treatment for Congress and their staff under ObamaCare. This was their last offer BEFORE the shutdown. It really is quite amazing. The institutionalized blind hate for the GOP by liberals is so encompassing they will relinquish their liberty and create a ruling class instead of opening their eyes and realizing they might actually be making a mistake. Stop looking at it from a party line issue, examine the problem OBJECTIVELY.

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