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Study: Premiums for Young People to Rise in all 50 States

By Elizabeth Harrington

Health insurance premiums for young people will rise in all 50 states under Obamacare, with an average increase of 260 percent, according to a study released Thursday. The young and healthy segment of the uninsured is considered crucial for the Affordable Care Act to succeed. Former President Bill Clinton suggested last week that Obamacare only works “if young people show up.”

However, an analysis of premiums both before and after the implementation of Obamacare shows that 18- to 35-year-olds are likely to opt out of high rates in the exchanges in favor of cheaper penalties for not having insurance.

According to a study released by the American Action Forum, post-Obamacare premiums will average $187.08 per month, up from $62 per month in 2013, a 202 percent increase. Overall, states averaged an increase of 260 percent.

Forty-four out of 50 states saw a three-digit percent increase, and in Vermont the cheapest available premium for a 30 year-old male nonsmoker will increase by $332.69, or 600 percent.

The American Action Forum, a center-right policy institute led by Douglas Holtz-Eakin, the former director of the Congressional Budget Office, compared premiums across the nation in 2013 to rates under the federally and state run exchanges in the heath insurance marketplace, which launched on Tuesday.

The group analyzed plans for a 30 year-old male non-smoker as the model for the so-called “young invincible.” They presumed that if a healthy young person purchases health insurance, he would most likely choose the “bronze plan,” the least expensive plan offered in the marketplace.

Read the Rest @ Study: Premiums for Young People to Rise in all 50 States | Washington Free Beacon.

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  1. This bothers me. I’ve come across many in my age group who are all swooning over Obamacare. They’re under the impression that their premiums will be lower, not higher. They have the idealistic impression that Obamacare will give them copious amounts of wonderful healthcare while being cost efficient. I’m not sure why they don’t see studies like these and take off their rose colored glasses. Of course Obamacare is going to raise premiums! Especially for my generation! Why wouldn’t it? It’s already raising taxes, leaving people unemployed and the like – why wouldn’t it come after my generation in some way? I’m a bit terrified for when I have to get health insurance. Nearly $200 a month? I’m already paying bills that make it hard to afford rent and now my healthcare costs are going to go up to that? Oi.

    • There’s a few reasons we have inflation in America, where stuff that cost $1 years ago now costs $10. It mostly comes down to government intervention. When government manipulates prices of services, especially by subsidizing them (taking money from some ppl by increasing their premiums so they have that extra cash to reduce premiums for others) eventually the true cost items becomes artificial. Even further companies now have more requirements to comply with and increased costs, this leads to even higher prices. I just added two more videos at the end of the story, check me out to see what I mean.

    • I noticed your “all my friends are liberal”. After I graduated college and finally started living in the real world full time my views quickly changed. I used to be super liberal and trusting of government, but once I started seeing all the waste that happens to our tax dollars and how inefficient government really is I decided it was time to snap out of it and reanalyze everything I had been assuming. I recommend you find some time to check out this video 50 minute video, mainly audio, but for now I’ve added a brief to the point 4 minute video after it… This historian/economist/professor/sociologist was originally a marxist, he explains his path to common sense and why so many popular opinions out there are purposely misguided. There’s plenty of shorter videos of him online. Always consistently insightful with zero propaganda, only fact based historical analysis.

  2. My metamorphosis from liberal to conservative took place sometime in college. I became a Political Science major and like you, realized that most of what the liberal minded government was doing was wasteful. I found myself unhappy with the idea that my hardworking father’s tax dollars were going to welfare programs designed to keep those who don’t feel like working, home. Yes, I realize the welfare queen thing isn’t 100% true but it does exist for some. Then, President Obama’s campaign happened and while you have to admit his campaign was a feat of marketing genius, he’s kind of a dud. As my blog will tell, most of my friends are liberal – not a bad thing, just made for a cutesy blog name. I will certainly be checking out those videos later this afternoon! Thank you!

  3. Awesome, check those out, and I’ll be checking your blog out later today as well! Very interested in checking out your experiences.


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