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CNBC: Staffing CEO says Obamacare law hurting hiring

By Matthew J. Belvedere

With open enrollment for Obamacare about to begin, small- and medium-sized businesses are not hiring because of uncertainty surrounding the implementation of the law, the CEO of nation’s fifth-largest staffing company said on Monday.

“Companies are really not interested in hiring full-time people. That’s really the issue with Obamacare,” Express Employment Professionals boss Bob Funk told CNBC’s “Squawk Box” on Monday. Funk, a former chairman of the Kansas City Federal Reserve, admitted that this trend is a “boon” for his business, but “not healthy for the country as a whole.”

Read the Rest @ Staffing CEO says Obamacare law hurting hiring on Main Street.

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  1. Robert A. Funk is also fabulously wealthy ( and I suspect doesn’t want to pay the extra taxes that he will inevitably pay in order to subsidize those poor people who don’t have health insurance, many of whom suffer needlessly and die early and bankrupt because of it. That makes him much less of an objective observer.

  2. I also suspect that this comment will never see the light of day on this site.

    • Common sense would tell you that when you increase the cost of employment, you decrease employment. Labor works just like any other item required to deliver a product.

  3. No, common sense would tell you that when you increase the cost of employment, the cost has to come from somewhere. And the most logical place to cut is owner income. When you cut employees, you reduce the effectiveness of a business. But when you cut CEO income, you just reduce the amount that’s going into some Swiss bank account.

    • Really? Did the employees take the risk to start that business? Does that business belong to the employees? In not really sure what world you are writing from, but this is not some socialized utopia. There’s actual cause and effect you have to deal with in the real world. If that owner decides to call it quits instead of dealing with the impositions NOBODY has a job anymore.

      • The employers didn’t build it in a vacuum. Taxpayer money helped them by providing roads to transport their goods; an educational system to provide qualified workers; regulations to save them from their own greed; a minimum wage to provide them with a consumer base that has money to spend; and myriad other things. Society deserves something in return, rather than some arrogant, self-centered owner singing the age-old song that was sung by King Louis XIV, Ivan the Terrible, and Charles and Bartholomew Koch that goes, “I Did It All Myself and Nobody Helped Me!”

      • How do u think government built all that infrastructure? What funded it? You appear to see only what u want to see.

      • Capitalism is a symbiosis: Government can’t exist without commerce, and commerce can’t exist without government. So your point is?

  4. Nevertheless, I applaud you for allowing my comment to pass through.

    • Definitely, in the end, we all look at the world differently based our own experiences and information we have been exposed to. The more we open ourselves up to another’s point of view the better equipped we can be to challenge and test our own assumptions. These types of debates can easily go on for a while, they are almost philosophical really. Thanks for your input!


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