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Face it, Mainstream Media Bias Exists

I am constantly amazed at how many Americans fail to see the blatant bias permeating through our mainstream news media and popular culture. As someone who sees it I feel its my job to expose it in order to open the eyes of those who fail to acknowledge it. Anyone who sees the truth is often better off in the long run. Here’s a simple real world example of its institutional implementation from only a few years ago.

JournoList (sometimes referred to as the J-List)[1] was a private Google Groups forum for discussing politics and the news media with 400 “left-leaning”[2] journalists, academics and others. Ezra Klein created the online forum in February 2007 while blogging at The American Prospect and shut it down on June 25, 2010 amid wider public exposure. Right-wing journalists would go on to point out various off-color statements made by members of the list denigrating conservatives, as well as a seeming conspiracy to prop up then Presidential candidate Barack Obama. Still, others defended such statements as being taken out of context or simply a matter of private candor.

… On July 20, 2010, The Daily Caller (DC) published the dialog of the JournoList concerning Jeremiah Wright.[11] The contributors discussed killing the Wright story, as it was reflecting negatively on Barack Obama. In a separate discussion, about an ABC News-sponsored debate between Obama and Hillary Clinton, Michael Tomasky, a writer for The Guardian, also tried to rally his fellow members of JournoList: “Listen folks – in my opinion, we all have to do what we can to kill ABC and this idiocy in whatever venues we have. This isn’t about defending Obama. This is about how the [mainstream media] kills any chance of discourse that actually serves the people”.[11] James Taranto observed that one JournoList contributor, Spencer Ackerman of The Washington Independent, stated “If the right forces us all to either defend Wright or tear him down, no matter what we choose, we lose the game they’ve put upon us. Instead, take one of them — Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares – and call them racists”.[12]

Ackerman was also quoted as saying, “find a right winger’s [sic] and smash it through a plate-glass window. Take a snapshot of the bleeding mess and send it out in a Christmas card to let the right know that it needs to live in a state of constant fear. Obviously, I mean this rhetorically.”[13] In response, Daily Caller commentator Jim Treacher posted a photo of a building with multiple plate glass-windows destroyed with text over the building reading “Ackerman Wuz Hear” (a LOLCats reference).[14]

The Daily Caller published a story by Jonathan Strong on July 21 about JournoList members wanting the federal government to shut down Fox News. According to Strong, Jonathan Zasloff, a UCLA law professor, wrote that the government should be able to pull the broadcasting license of the cable channel.[15] But Zasloff later said Strong did not correctly characterize his comment, which was “really more of a question than anything else, and nobody really picked up on it. That turns into my demand to shut down Fox News?”[16] The article also reported that one member of the discussion group, Sarah Spitz, a producer for a public affairs radio program at a National Public Radio affiliate station, wrote that she would laugh if she saw conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh have a heart attack in front of her. “On JournoList,” according to the DC article, “where conservatives are regarded not as opponents but as enemies, it [the comment] barely raised an eyebrow”. On the day Strong’s story was published, Spitz apologized for the comment.[17] The article also quoted Ryan Donmoyer, a reporter for Bloomberg News, comparing members of the Tea Party movement to Nazis.[15] Strong wrote, “In the view of many who’ve posted to the list-serv, conservatives aren’t simply wrong, they are evil”.[15][18]

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Finally, it takes The Daily Show’s Jon Stewart quite a while to admit it, but here’s his reasoning, on video, for the bias even he acknowledges in the mainstream news media, although he himself fails to analyze it objectively…

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