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Our “Pro-War” Democratic Leaders, Then & Now

As a military strike on Syria looms, various statements about war, peace and diplomacy made by three key Democrat policymakers — Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton and John Kerry — are put on the record.

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  1. Time to wake up to the reality that Obama is just another Bush, and all his sweet talk to woo democrats was completely phony.

    Democrat’s, you’ve been had. better luck next time.

    • Exactly, no matter what side you are on, this proves why you want as small of a federal government as possible. Eventually the other side will be in office. My advice is for everyone to become an independent thinker who seeks out historical evidence to verify, develop and maintain their beliefs. This is the only way I see to stop falling for their lies and phony promises. Finally, get involved, politicians should fear “accountability”.

      • Agreed. But being an independent thinker is only a first step. We have to actually remove the republicans and democrats from their duopoly position. This is going to take some serious effort, otherwise all this time writing blogs is just masturbation.

      • For sure, but the biggest problem I see is our uninformed indoctrinated apathetic population. My main mission has been to wake up the uninformed to the wasteful inefficient phony government they have accidentally empowered because its the “cool” thing to do. That’s where I’ve seen my impact so far. We need to increase the number of common sense thinkers so they can see how the nuts the opposing views actually are. Once they are aware they will then spread the truth to others.

      • Thank you for what you’re doing!


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