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Rand Paul comments on Syria Intervention

After John Kerry’s monotonous question and answer session on Meet the Press I was relieved to hear some common sense and logic from an American representative. Anyone should be able to understand his words. Way to go Rand Paul. SHARE SHARE SHARE !!!

I’ll go ahead and repost this history of Syria video so you can all educate yourself on the centuries old sectarian civil war our President is ready to throw the Americans into.

The current Syria events appear to be a sectarian Shia vs Sunni civil war, a power struggle that has been brewing for centuries. They would be hostile to each other with or without US intervention. The only solution to this problem can come from themselves, through diplomacy, but that is up to them, clearly  violence hasn’t worked so far. The convoluted foreign policy our president is pushing of bomb first, diplomacy later does nothing to help, it only sets the example of encouraging more violence and ignores any repercussions that will be blamed on US intervention. Oh yea, and the Sunni rebels, are also supported by the likes of the Muslim Brotherhood and Al Qaeda. Learn from our past, even the recent past, how did Egypt work out after the Muslim Brotherhood took over?

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