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Kucinich (D): If Obama Goes Around Congress on Syria, He Risks Impeachment

By Josh Fieldman

Former Democratic congressman Dennis Kucinich joined Hannity guest host Tucker Carlson on Friday night to say that if President Obama goes around Congress to take unilateral military action on Syria, he risks impeachment for going against the Constitution. Carlson told Kucinich he’s always considered him “one of the more honest liberals anywhere,” asking him about a tweet he sent out suggesting Obama risks impeachment if Congress is not given the opportunity to vote on Syrian intervention.

Kucinich explained “there is no imminent or actual threat” from Syria, and said that in spite of Obama talking about what he thinks and what decision he wants to make, the decision needs to be decided by the elected representatives of the people. And if not, well, that could easily be an impeachable offense.

Read the Rest @  Dennis Kucinich: If Obama Goes Around Congress on Syria, He Risks Impeachment

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