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Obama skirts Congress, funds pre-K through Obamacare

By Robby Soave

With congressional Republicans refusing to finance an expensive universal preschool proposal, President Obama is seeking an alternate funding source: Obamacare. Universal pre-K is one of Obama’s favorite “big ideas” — and one he has mentioned repeatedly in the past few months. But his proposal to bulk up federal and state pre-K programs by raising tobacco taxes is unlikely to pass the Republican House of Representatives.

Instead, Obama and Education Secretary Arne Duncan have turned to discretionary funding allocations in Race to The Top, a federal education grant to the states, and even Obamacare. A provision of Obama’s health-care law, the Affordable Care Act, sets aside money for both state and federal authorities to fund school readiness programs for at-risk youth, according to Politico.

… “It’s a smart strategy with limited resources,” said Lisa Guernsey, director of the Early Education Initiative at the New America Foundation, in a statement.

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And so, the pillaging of taxpayer dollars intended for one purpose but used for another begins… This is exactly why the Federal Government should not run programs that the private sector is capable of running. These federal programs become a cash grab, by an inefficient government already trillions in debt with desires to hand out even more services in exchange for your votes. Our ignorance in supporting these policies only empowers our leaders to run around receiving the proper constitutional funding permissions since they now have access to more tax payer dollars to fund whatever pet projects they like in exchange for votes from the uninformed.

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