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Obama likely to miss goal of doubling exports – Yahoo! Finance

By Tom Raum

WASHINGTON (AP) — Back in January 2010, President Barack Obama set a lofty goal of doubling U.S. exports in five years. With just 18 months to go to 2015, that target seems to be slipping beyond reach and has vanished from White House talking points. Blame tepid U.S. manufacturing growth, the lingering weak global economy, and a stronger U.S. dollar, which makes it harder to sell American goods and services overseas.

Monthly export numbers have been mostly stagnant this year. And only a scant 6,000 manufacturing jobs were added last month, according to Labor Department jobs statistics released Friday. “The goal of doubling exports keeps getting harder to achieve, not easier,” said Alan Tonelson, research fellow at the U.S. Business and Industry Council, which represents about 2,000 mostly family owned manufacturing companies. “We’re actually backsliding, not making progress.”

Read the Rest @ Obama likely to miss goal of doubling exports – Yahoo! Finance.

It takes more than words to turn the economy around, basic business experience should be a requirement for any head of the United States executive branch.

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